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Edwin Dennis is a film and video producer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has an MFA in film/screenwriting from Columbia University, New York City. During his time at Columbia, Dennis acted as cinematographer on the film Meditations on the Promised Land, which was chosen to be shown as part of the New Directors/New Films series at the Lincoln Film Center/Museum of Modern Art. Dennis was also one of the first recipients of the divisional Excellence in Screenwriting award (1995). 


After earning his degree, Dennis returned to his adoptive home of North Carolina where he has been active producing, promoting and teaching film and video in the western region of the state. In 1997 he acted as Location Manager on the Castle Rock/Warner Brothers film The Green Mile, and has been a location scout for numerous other productions looking to film in this region.


“Ever since my father let me use his 8mm camera to make films as a child, I’ve been hooked on film,” says Dennis. “The creative, collaborative nature of the medium is something that excites me every day, and is something that drives me to teach, produce and perform as a filmmaker.”

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